Discovering the Camino

I first heard about the Camino De Santiago from a pair of friends that walked a part of it years ago. At the time, I barely registered what they had done and why. Mostly I was just in awe of their adventure. Then, more recently, I was reminded of it when another friend encouraged me to watch “The Way.” A beautiful movie about a Father walking in honor of his son. Somehow it ignited in me a wish to take a walk on this path. One day, hopefully, I will join in this ancient tradition. I don’t know why I want to do this, but I do.

An Ancient Path

This ancient pilgrimage, walked by thousands of devout Catholics since 812 AD is composed many different routes. Each route meanders through France and Spain. The pilgrimage ends at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia on the western coast of Spain. It is here where St. James’ remains are believed to be buried. If you keep your eyes peeled might see a scallop the symbol of the Camino de Santiago on an ancient building, cobblestone street or on a post with an arrow to guide the way.

Where once this pilgrimage was a strictly Catholic practice, today thousands of people walk this path for their own reasons. Some walk as a form of spiritual contemplation, some for the challenge and adventure, and some as an escape from modern life.

San Sebastian on the Camino

I was really excited to discover that San Sebastian is one of the possible starting points for the Camino del Norte (the Northern Way). We saw many pligrims exploring the city with their backpacks and walking sticks. Is it weird to fangirl over people on a spiritual journey (don’t answer that… of course it is!) If you visit San Sebastian yourself, you may not notice them at the local pintxo bar, but you are sure to see a few at one of many gorgeous cathedrals scattered throughout La Parte Vieja (Old Town).

PS: Visit the cathedrals! They are gorgeous.

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