Food You Want to Eat at Mockingbird Station?

It has always been a disappointment to me that the food at Mockingbird Station was meh at best. While you can get an amazing cocktail at People’s Last Stand and they serve some pretty tasty bites, every other restaurant that has rotated in and out of this center has been food I forgot about as soon as I ate it. Who even remembers what was there? I mean honestly how is a gal supposed to do art-y film and dinner when the food options are so blech? Well thankfully things are looking up at Mockingbird Station. Not only are they getting that desperatly needed (potentially life-saving!) pedestrian bridge they are also getting a bunch of new food options. The Mr. and I went at to the Angelica last night to watch the super artsy film “Final Protrait” (PS: If you like art, you should do see it!) and after all that French cursing and cigarette smoking what we needed was a bistro! So with low expectation we decided to try out Edith’s French Bistro.

Stylish Comfort

I’ll be perfectly honest here, I am pretty sure this place is bigger and cleaner than any Bistro in Paris, but I don’t care. It is adorable! Full of light and natural elements, like a full wood wall and a leafy backdrop at the bar it just feels like a place you can hang out with a coffee and a good book.

The menu is equally comfortable, with mac and cheese, classic tomato and french onion soups and of course steak frites. But there are more unexpected options like a duck and apple salad and a chateaubriand for two (when was the last time you saw that outside of a Julia Child cookbook?!). Their wine menu is also quite nice. In a sea of generic wine menu’s in this town its nice to find a moderatly priced restaurant with a wine menu that reflects the concept and also delivers good wines at a great price. Oh… and did I mention? The BAKED GOODS. People, seriously… they have so many delicious sounding options and the bakery section is just adorable! We resisted this time, but next time we may just have to split a slice of cake of a chocolate croissant.

BREAKFAST: the Best Meal of the Day

Or am I coming back for breakfast? I’m a sucker for breakfast food. As I have mentioned before, BRUNCH is my favorite meal of the day. So their breakfast ALL DAY menu is right up my alley. I’ll have to report back soon because that Raclette breakfast is calling my name.

Comfort Food with a French Twist

Ok so I could not resist the Champagne Shrimp Mac and Cheese. It was studded with slivers of asparagus and was as creamy and delicious as one could hope. The raclette probably helps alot with that! The shrimp were perfectly cooked and there were plenty of them in my serving. Tim had the Soupe Velouté De Tomate and the Croque Madame. Yes, he basically had grilled cheese and tomato soup. Don’t judge, it was cold this weekend! Anyway, YUM. The soup had lots of flavor and the little drizzle of spring onion oil was a nice touch. Little toasted baguette slices are exactly what you want with this soup! They seem to have the little simple touches down in this place. Not too much of anything, just enough to make it special without kicking you in the teeth with how FRENCH they are. Its nice to find a place that feels comfortable and comfortING. Oh yeah, and that Croque Madame? Lovely. Perfectly fried egg on top, lots of cheese and ham inside. Cooked perfectly golden brown.

I’m not sure why this place isn’t up to its gills in couples and gal pals. Maybe it was the chilly temps this weekend? I was more than a little bit pleased with this little place. There are tons of other items I want to try on the menu. Next time you find yourself at Mockingbird Station you should give them a try. Seriously, so good!

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